French in 30 Days – Language Course

You’re a beginner and you want to learn the basics of the French language as fast and effectively as possible? If so, “French in 30 Days” is the best choice, because this language course was developed especially for self-studying beginners and refreshers.


Following through the lessons transports you to life in French where you will learn how to meet and greet people, carry out everyday tasks, and find and start work. Exercises and examples progressively build a solid foundation of essential grammar and vocabulary alongside knowledge of the country and its culture.


Learn French in 30 days is a complete system for learning a new language to conversational level.

You’ll learn unique methods to learn your new language smarter and faster — and we’ll provide you with the support you need to put those methods into practice and actually start speaking your new language.


During the guided 30-day course, we will show you step-by-step how to learn a new language. This is the most powerful part of the course we’ve invested in creating a method for language learning that is results driven.

Some of the unique features and highlights of the Course…

✔ Easy-to-follow pronunciation keys and complete phonetic transcriptions for all words and phrases.

✔ Compact always available dictionary of commonly used words and phrases.

✔ Useful phrases for the Business travelers or tourist, grouped together by subject matter in a logical way so that the appropriate phrase is easy to locate when you need it.

✔ Special phrases for the business traveler and tourists including banking terms, a computer mini-dictionary, computer terms.

✔ Thorough section on food and drink, with comprehensive food terms you will find on menus.

✔ Phrases related to medical problems, theft or loss of valuables, replacement or repair of watches, camera, etc.

✔ Sightseeing itineraries, with shopping tips, practical travel tips, and regional food specialties to help you get off the beaten path and into the countryside, to the small towns and cities, and to the neighboring areas.

✔ A reference section providing important signs, conversion tables, holidays, abbreviations, telling time, days of week, and months of year.

✔ A brief grammar section, with the basic elements of the language quickly explained.

Enjoy your BUSINESS TRAVEL AND VACATIONS with confidence.