French Magazines to Improve your Language Skills

Here is a list of six of the best French magazines to help you improve your language skills. It’s in order from beginner level publications to advanced level.

1. Mon quotidien

Our first recommendation for beginners is the newspaper Mon quotidien. This daily (Monday through Saturday) French newspaper is for children aged 10 to 14, however it is perfect for adult beginners because the language is simple and easy to understand. Plus, it’s accessible online on the website or as a PDF, which is great for highlighting and underlining text when studying. There are also videos included in some articles so you can practice your listening skills at the same time…bonus!

2. Marmiton

Marmiton is a French community cooking website that also has its own magazine. Users can add their own recipes to the website, in addition to commenting on and rating recipes. We think the Marmiton French magazine is an interesting option for beginner learners because the texts are short and simple. As it is a cooking magazine, the same vocabulary pops up regularly. We recommend starting with a recipe for a dish you already know because you will probably be able to guess some of the ingredients without grabbing a dictionary straight away.  

3. bien-dire

For a more pedagogical approach, have a look at bien-dire, a French magazine for learners from beginner to advanced levels. The publishing company specializes in magazines for language learners and it shows: You can read and listen to the articles, there are exercises included in each issue, plus the topics chosen are varied in order to increase your knowledge of French culture. What more could you ask for?

4. 20 minutes 

A great option for intermediate learners is the French newspaper 20 minutes. This free daily newspaper sums up the news in short articles and only takes 20 minutes to read, hence the name. Although it’s not specifically a French magazine for learners, it is a great option if you’re looking for short news articles about national and international events with lots of interesting vocabulary to learn. It is a popular choice amongst native French speakers too.

5. Voici

The French magazines that sell the most copies are of course celebrity and gossip magazines. Voici is the most famous celebrity magazine in the country and covers the personal lives of the rich and famous. If you’re an intermediate level and above, this is a great magazine to practice vocabulary, sentence structure, all while increasing your knowledge of French celebrity culture. The language used is simple but also includes lots of colloquial French expressions and idioms. 

6. Lire

For our advanced learners, we suggest the French magazine Lire, aimed at book and literature lovers. Not only does it include French and foreign literature but it also has articles written by novelists, publishers and more. The vocabulary and style of writing will vary depending on the literature, offering you a brilliant challenge as a French language learner. If you want to learn French like a pro, this is the magazine that will help finesse your skills!

We have only listed six French magazines and newspapers for learners but there are so many out there, just take a look online!


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