French Grammar n Conversation Course

French Grammar n Conversation Course



1 Articles


2 Basic gender endings: Masculin and féminin


3 More French nouns and their gender


4 Numbers


5 Vocabulary: Thoughts, feelings, communicating, home, travel, science, leisure, and technology


6 Building sentences


7 Asking questions


8 Exclamations and commands


9 Independent clauses and subordinate clauses


10 The present tense of -er verbs


11 The present of -ir and -re verbs


12 Être, avoir, and other irregular verbs


13 The immediate future, the immediate past, and the causative form


14 Pronominal verbs


15 The passé composé


16 The imparfait and the plus-que-parfait


17 The simple future and the past future


18 The present conditional and the past conditional


19 Could, should, would


20 The present subjunctive and the past subjunctive


21 Prepositions


22 The infinitive mood


23 The imperative mood


24 The present participle and gerund


25 The simple past, the passive voice, and indirect speech


26 Pronouns


27 Relative pronouns


28 Adjectives


29 Adverbs


30 Written French: Making transitions and written Correspondence


31 Verb transfers and confusing verbs


32 Whatever, whenever, wherever: French oddities and fun with prepositions


33 French in conversation: Meeting people


34 French in conversation


To join – Please contact – French Academy – 09811841782

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