French Computer Terms

1 – Literal French Translations Of English Computer Terms

Most of the time, the French equivalent is just a literal translation of the English term. For example:

2 – Tech Words That Stay In English Because There’s No (Official) Equivalent In French:

1 Web ↠ “Le web”
2 Blog ↠ “un blog”
3 Wifi ↠ “le or la WiFi”(pronounce it wee fee)
4 Modem ↠ “le modem”
5 Driver ↠ “le driver”(you’ll sometimes see “le pilote” on this one)

3 – How To Say To Surf The Web In French?

To surf the web can be said as “naviguer SUR l’internet” but you also sometimes hear “naviguer internet” on TV.


You’ll sometimes hear “la toile”, a literal translation of ‘the web’, but it’s mostly used in newspapers, and if you ask me, is a bit snobbish.

4 – How To Say Email In French?

Email is probably one of the most contentious ones, most people say “un email” or “un mail”.

5 – How To Say A Blog In French?

A blog is mostly called… a blog! However, a blog post is often referred to as “un billet”.

6 – How To Say To Download In French?

To ‘download’ is “télécharger” but “télécharger” is also used to mean ‘to upload’ (the official translation)…